Pictured: Ambo Dhaliwal of the Evening Auxiliary. Ambo has been serving the auxiliary for an incredible 50 years and is the longest serving active member.

The Afternoon and Evening Auxiliaries to Royal Inland Hospital are comprised of caring and dedicated volunteers donating their time and energy to fundraise for vital equipment at Royal Inland Hospital.
With two auxiliaries to RIH, there is twice the opportunity to fundraise. The Evening Auxiliary holds a Craft-A-Fair annually, selling unique handcrafted items. They lease the space for Sacred Grounds coffee shop, rent TVs, and run vending machines. Not only are these great fundraising opportunities, but they make the hospital a more comfortable place.
The Afternoon Auxiliary showcases their great entrepreneurial skills as they own and run the Gift Shop in RIH and the Thrift Seller on Victoria Street. They also give local entrepreneurs the opportunity to sell their products though the Vendor Program, where 15% of their sales go back to the Auxiliary.

In the past year, the Afternoon Auxiliary purchased over $313,000 in equipment and attachments, contributing to care through out the hospital.


The Evening Auxiliary purchased over $150,000 in equipment. This equipment has provided much needed support to the Respiratory Therapy Department, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Maternity Unit.

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