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RIH Foundation

50/50 Staff Lottery

Welcome to the new online registration for the RIH Foundation’s Live. Love. Give. WIN! 50/50 Staff Lottery! We invite you to enroll today! 

This 50/50 Staff Lottery is a great opportunity for IH staff to support healthcare in our region. Not only are you eligible to win big, but you are also making a meaningful difference right here in our community.  Every payday, half of the total funds raised supports healthcare and half goes to one lucky winner-which could be you!

We are taking an environmentally sustainable approach to our enrollment process which means we are now 100% paperless. If you need assistance enrolling virtually, please contact RIHFStaffLottoMBX@interiorhealth.ca

Know your limit, play within it. Must be 19 + to play. Problem Gambling Help Line: 1-888-795-6111

Enrollment FAQs

Yes! Simply follow the lottery link  and Dashboard – Lottery Enrollment (interiorhealth.ca) select “Update”! Please note, changes and additions can take up to two week to come into effect on your paystub. 

If you enrolled online for 2023/24 click this link Dashboard – Lottery Enrollment (interiorhealth.ca) and there is an option for you to cancel your enrollment. Please note, cancellations can take up to two weeks to come into effect on your paystub. 

Please ensure you are logged into an IH server (eg. work computer or IH anywhere) in order to enroll online. The online form can not be assessed through webmail. If you are still having issues, please contact us for support.

We are taking an environmentally sustainable approach to our enrollment process which means we are now 100% paperless.

Once you have enrolled successfully, the status of the Lottery Enrollment page will change from “Enroll in Lottery” to “Enrolled”. You can confirm your status here Dashboard – Lottery Enrollment (interiorhealth.ca). You can also check your pay stubs for the “LOTTO RIH FND” deduction. 

General FAQs

IH employees can sign-up to have $5.00 per entry deducted through Interior Health Payroll for a chance to win the Staff 50/50 Lottery! Each payday, a deduction is made from your pay. Half of this contribution is used to support healthcare at RIH and the other half is placed in the prize pool. 100% of the prize pool is awarded to the winner.

Participants must be a regular full-time, part-time, or casual employee of IH and;

  • Must be 19 years of age or older
  • Must have earned an income in the prior pay period
  • Must not be on an unpaid leave of absence
  • Must be an IH employee working in the IH region

Draws will be held bi-weekly on Wednesdays between pay periods at 11:30 am PST. The whole draw process is managed at the RIH Foundation office and is witnessed by a Director of the RIH Foundation and a staff member. We call the winner immediately following the draw and send out the winner announcement via email.

One entry is $5.00 per pay period. Only one entry is required in order to participate however any number of entries are permitted at $5.00 per entry per pay period.

IH Employees can sign up at any time throughout the year. RIH Foundation Interior Health Staff 50/50 Lottery enrollment can be found here: Dashboard – Lottery Enrollment (interiorhealth.ca)

Interior Health employees have the responsibility of ensuring they select the correct number of tickets deducted per pay period. On the online staff lottery portal, there is a drop down for the number of entries and the total per pay period in bold. Employees should double check the amount before confirming their enrollment and check their pay stubs for accuracy. You will also receive an e-mail notification of any changes made to your enrolment. If you notice a discrepancy in the amount you intended to select and your deduction, please update your information via the online portal and the amount will be adjusted for subsequent draws. Note that adjustments cannot be made for deductions that have already occurred.

IH employees are responsible for ensuring they submit correct information and to check their pay stubs to ensure the correct deduction has been made. You will also receive an email notification of any enrolment, changes or cancellations via the online portal.

If an error is noticed, please notify the RIH Foundation immediately and we will update your entries accordingly.  There is a limited period where a refund may be considered that falls between when the deduction is made and when the draw list is submitted to our online raffle service provider on the Wednesday prior to the draw date.  Past this point, the RIH Foundation cannot provide a refund as the chance to win by entry into the draw has already taken place. If this occurs, please contact us or cancel your enrolment via the online portal and you will be removed for all subsequent draws.

At the end of each calendar year, you will be required to provide consent to remain in the lotto for the upcoming year. Instructions for renewal will be emailed to you. If consent is not provided, you will no longer receive deductions under the new gaming license. Should you miss the renewal deadline, a new entry form must be submitted to ensure you remain enrolled.

Funds from the Live. Love. Give. WIN! RIH Foundation 50/50 Staff Lottery will be designated for the purchase of patient comforts and equipment at Royal Inland Hospital.