Maury Hik


On Sunday, January 9th, Maury Hik woke up to some unfamiliar aches and pains. It started with excruciating pain in his jaw and transitioned into a heaviness in his chest. He hoped that these uncomfortable sensations would soon pass but when his arm went numb, he knew that it was time to check in to Royal Inland Hospital (RIH).

Immediately after being admitted to the Emergency Department, Maury was sent for an electrocardiogram (ECG). Soon after, the medical staff transferred him to a trauma room in 2 West (2W). He had a team of doctors, nurses and other health professionals by his side. After asking a few questions, they prepped him for an IV and gave him nitroglycerin spray to treat his angina – the medical term for chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart. Throughout the entire process, Maury was impressed with how methodical, proactive and organized his medical team was.

Within an hour of arriving Maury was stabilized and sent off for an X-ray and more tests before he was transferred to the ICCHA/WISH Cardiac Care Unit (CCU) on the seventh floor. He spent the rest of the afternoon and the following day recuperating. Maury was informed that he had a heart attack and required an angioplasty which would be done at Kelowna General Hospital (KGH).

“Initially it was not a straightforward diagnosis” said attending physician Dr. Scott McKee. “Especially given his young age and very active lifestyle. But the Emergency doctors recognized the possibility, and mobilized all the right departments quickly.”

On Tuesday morning, Maury was set to go to KGH by ambulance. Coincidentally, he had the same ambulance drivers deliver him to and from his procedure in Kelowna. While on the drive, one of the paramedics shared with Maury that her husband went through a similar experience not long before and she was able to provide him with genuine reassurance and comfort during his time of great uncertainty.

Maury’s procedure was a great success and within the same day, he was sent back to RIH. By Wednesday he was discharged. Upon returning home, Maury was much more aware of his heart. Prior to Maury’s heart attack, he was living an active lifestyle running a successful family owned business during the week and enjoying all the amazing things beautiful British Columbia has to offer on his days off. This event forced him to temporarily put his life on hold but thankfully he had his loving family and incredible staff supporting him the whole way. Each day, Maury makes forward progress on his healing journey and explains, “I feel like a race horse in the gate, ready and willing to get back to life.” He looks forward to the day where he will once again be enjoying the fresh air on his snowmobile somewhere in the mountains.

As Maury reflects on his experience at Royal Inland Hospital, he is deeply grateful for the exceptional care he received the whole way through. He witnessed first-hand how busy the staff at RIH are and yet, he never felt lost in the shuffle.

“No matter how much pressure the staff at RIH were under, I was amazed by their ability to make every patient feel like their number one priority. When the nurses and doctors are on the floor – they are fully engaged, ready and willing to answer questions while remaining totally focused. When people are going through their time of greatest need, the staff at RIH do not waver in their ability to offer composure, compassion and exceptional care, as they did for me.”

“Thank you Dr. McKee (cardiologist), Dr. Billingsley, Mallissa, Taylor, Joyce, Tracey, Bobby and all of the other medical staff on my case who took such good care of me.