Donor Highlight | BCLC

On May 23 and June 13, 2020, the Royal Inland Hospital (RIH) Foundation hosted its #SharpDressedSaturday fundraiser with proceeds supporting the RIH’s COVID-19 response. Thanks to the incredible support from the community in Kamloops and BCLC, which sponsored the event, the RIH Foundation raised more than $18,000. These funds will support the RIH’s COVID-19 response and help purchase much-needed medial tools and equipment.

“This event with BCLC gives the Foundation the opportunity to bring the community together in these difficult times,” explained Heidi Coleman, RIH Foundation CEO. “We are changing the way that we socialize, and events such as Sharp Dressed Saturday allow people to interact with others in a safe way. Proceeds from the event will purchase lifesaving equipment for our hospital so we can ensure frontline staff has the equipment and tools that they need to provide the best possible care for our community during this unprecedented time.”

With its head office in Kamloops, BCLCis an important partner and sponsor for many events organized by the RIH Foundation. BCLC’s Kamloops Employee Giving Committee voted RIH Foundation one of its corporate charities for the 2018-2020 period. As a result, the Foundation is one of the beneficiaries of various BCLC employee fundraising initiatives, such as payroll deductions and various fundraising events. In addition, BCLC employees are important volunteers at RIH Foundation events including its annual Radiothon and Evening of Giving event benefiting the Wig Bank.

Since it chose the Foundation as one of its corporate charities, BCLC employees have successfully fundraised for many vital life-saving equipment including two new infant carts for the Child, Family and Maternity Departments at RIH. These carts are stocked with critical equipment and supplies that are used for infant procedures and can also be used to resuscitate infants and small children in emergency situations. The new carts are lockable, ensuring that essential items are always in the cart and easily and quickly accessible.