Do you have an exclusive offer in support of healthcare professionals?

Day after day, our healthcare professionals have been pushed to their limits, sacrificing their work-life balance to care for our community. Now is our collective opportunity to reciprocate this loving care and attention in appreciation for all that they do. 

Over the last few weeks, we have received numerous requests from businesses, reaching out with gestures of kindness and offers to show support for our healthcare staff. In response to this, we have created a platform where businesses can share what they have to offer and in turn, we will make sure our incredible staff hear about it! If you have an offer, simply email Shanah Skjeie at with the following information:

    • What you are offering 
    • Who it is donated by 
    • The quantity available 
    • The approximate value  
    • The dates your offer is valid  

From there, we will post your offer to our website for all to see! Whether you are offering products, services, or company discounts, we know that our hardworking healthcare staff will appreciate it!